Beauty Shop For Rent by Laura Bowers

Of late, I had the honor of offering a blurb for Beauty Shop for Rent by debut author Laura Bowers (Harcourt, 2007)(excerpt). My take?

“Beauty Shop for Rent is a down-home, whole-heart story. It’s about a strong girl bolstered by love, shaking off lies, and finding the courage to take chances. It’s about the wrong dream, the right guy, righteous gossip, and the power of a good spa treatment. Funny, aching, and authentic, Laura Bowers’ debut is one of the finest, most entertaining I’ve ever read.”

Put mildly, I loved it, and so I surfed over to the author’s website to learn more about her. I especially enjoyed A History of Hair Lessons Learned. Take a Beauty Shop for Rent Quiz. Visit Laura’s LJ. Visit Laura’s MySpace.