Cynsational News & Links

Congratulations to David Lubar (author interview) on the publication of Punished! (Darby Creek, 2006). A word-play comedy perfect for both reluctant mid-grade readers and strong ones. A Junior Library Guild Selection.

Avoiding Repetitive-Stress Injuries: A Writer’s Guide by Geoff Hart from Note: the last time I mentioned a tendon twinge to my doctor, he said, “Switch the mouse to your other hand.” I replied, “But that will slow me down!” And he said, “Exactly.” I still haven’t done it.

Author Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen offers recent interviews with five editors: John Rudolph from Putnam; Alexandra Cooper from Simon & Schuster; Leann Heywood from HarperCollins; Liz Waniewski from Dial; and Kristin Daly from HarperCollins. Learn more about Sudipta.

Coaxing Back Your Muse by Shari Lyle-Soffe from Out of My Mind. Note: I find that a bath or exercise seems to help me past writer’s block.

LaReau Sisters: official site of author Kara LaReau and illustrator Jenna LaReau. Learn more about them, read the fun FAQ, check out their books, and more. The sisters are the creative team behind Rocko and Spanky Go to a Party (Harcourt, 2004)(author-illustrator interview), as well as individual books by each. Don’t miss the nifty desktops from Jenna.