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A hearty thanks and cheers to fellow book affectionado and Buffy fan Liz B at A Chair, A Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy for her kind words about the recent redesign of my website by Lisa Firke of Hit Those Keys (web designer interview); see Liz’s Feb. 3 post. Other Cynsational readers who posted announcements are encouraged to write me with the URL so I can check it out.

Arab American Children’s Literature: An Update: Elementary through High School by Tami C. Al-Hazza from Book Links (PDF file). See also Lasting Connections of 2005: Preschool through High School by Laura Tillotson, also from Book Links.

Are You A Writer Looking for Inspiration? No Subject is Taboo: Musings for February 2006 by Margot Finke from The Purple Crayon.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba, children’s book illustrator: site features beginning writer resource links, beginning web design advice, breaking into children’s book publishing advice, book related activity pages, and digital illustration advice. Dulemba’s books include The Prince’s Diary, written by Renee Ting (Shen’s Books, 2005), named No. 1 2006 Valentines Day Pick by Book Sense; Glitter Girl and the Crazy Cheese, written by Frank Hollon (MacAdam/Cage Publishers, 2006); and Haley and the Big Blast, written by A.E. Scotland (Foundation for Girls, Inc., 2006).

The Goddess of YA Literature offers insights in a bounty of books, including Travel Team by Mike Lupica (Philomel, 2004)(excerpt), The Last Domino by Adam Meyer (Putnam, 2005), Gossamer by Lois Lowry, Vandal by Michael Simmons (Roaring Brook, 2006), and Played by Dana Davidson (Hyperion, 2005)(excerpt).

Get to know Jenny Han. Jenny is the debut author of Shug (Simon & Schuster, 2006). Visit her LiveJournal!

Featured Author: Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson from Children’s Book Reviews (hit “featured author” in the navigation bar along the top). See also a recent Cynsations interview with Kathleen on Dumb Love (Roaring Brook, 2005).

“Here in the Bonny Glen” is hosting a Carnival of Children’s Literature on Feb 1. (A blog carnival is a collection of topic-related posts from various weblogs. In this case, the topic is children’s literature. To see what a carnival looks like, visit the most recent edition of the Carnival of Education. If you have a blog about children’s books and would like to submit a post to the Carnival, send an email with the following information:
Your blog’s name and URL
The post’s title and URL (permalink)
Brief description of post (if you wish)
Your email address (will not be posted or shared)
Entries may be book reviews; interviews; stories from parents, teachers, librarians, etc, about kids’ adventures with books; behind-the-scenes posts from children’s book authors and illustrators; or any other kind of post relating to children’s literature. Carnival Submissions are due on Saturday, Feb 11th by 6 p.m. See more information.

Getting in Touch with Your Inner Ham by Kim Norman from Smart Writers Journal (scroll to read).

The February issue of Kid Magazine Writers has been posted. Features include an article on writing nature poetry, tips on cutting adverbs, common reasons articles are rejected, insights into writing non-fiction for the religious market, and an editor interview.

Children’s Author Charline Profiri: official author site features Biography, Writing Tips, Writing Quotes, Links, FAQ’s about Charline’s book, Counting Little Geckos (The RGU Group, 2005), and much more.

Linda Joy Singleton reviewed Grand & Humble by Brent Hartinger (HarperTempest, 2006) on Feb. 7.

Sending out cheers to Kimberly Griffiths Little and Coleen Paratore!