Free Baseball by Sue Corbett

Free Baseball by Sue Corbett (Dutton, 2006). Felix loves baseball and longs for the day when his father, who’s a baseball star in Cuba, will join him and his mother in Florida. When a team with a couple of players who might be Cuban comes to town, Felix takes advantage of being mistaken for the bat boy to stow away in the team bus. Exciting and heartfelt–a home run! Ages 8-up.

My Thoughts

Baseball is not my sport of choice, but I found myself falling in love with the game as I read this novel. Felix is such an engaging hero–vulnerable, funny, smart, and assertive. He would be a good model for writers studying likeability at the mid-grade level.

The story has a happy–if bittersweet–ending that’s just right. There’s just a touch of everyday magic to this story–not magic magic but that feeling you get when you’re really living and the world seems to sparkle. Love the dog!

Felix’s mother is strong and loving–an unusual find in youth literature. The story also offers a context for Cuban refugees’ political and human circumstances.

Back matter includes a helpful author’s note, glossary of baseball terms, and glossary of Spanish words and phrases.

Cynsational Notes

Sue also is the author of 12 Again (Dutton, 2002), her debut novel, which is recommended.

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