Author Elise Broach on Controversial Books for Young Readers

“Most controversial books are really about moral choices, and what makes them controversial is the necessity of presenting the other option. It’s not a choice unless the reader understands the alternative.

“You can’t meaningfully discuss values and morality without the broader context of what you’re choosing against, whether that’s profanity, sexual violence, drug use, whatever.

“As a parent, I believe so much in the dialogue, the endless conversation with my kids about difficult situations and how to do the right thing. Books are a crucial part of that dialogue.”

— Author Elise Broach

Cynsational Notes

Elise made the above comment in the context of a discussion on one of my author list servs. I found it so insightful that I asked her permission to share it with cynsational readers, and she graciously agreed. Thanks, Elise!

See Author Interview: Elise Broach on Shakespeare’s Secret (Henry Holt, 2005).

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