Red Light, Green Light by Anastasia Suen, illustrated by Ken Wilson-Max

Red Light, Green Light by Anastasia Suen, illustrated by Ken Wilson-Max (Harcourt, 2005). An upbeat and colorful rhyming introduction to traffic for pre-K. Told from the point of view of a young boy playing with an extensive and augmented toy set. Ages 3-up.

My Thoughts

An excellent example of simple, effective rhyme for the very young.

Well grounded in a child’s point of view.

Whimsical in its use of additional objects such as a baseball, stacked books to lift roads, chess pieces, and a disproportionately large rubber duckie (bigger than the trolley). These add extra interest and would be fun to identify one-on-one or in groups.

Engaging with its bright colors and bold design.

Anastasia lives in Plano, Texas, and so I often get to see her at conferences. Visit her blog, Create/Relate.

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