South Asian, BEA, and Literary Agents

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Cynsational News & Links

Author Pooja Makhijani presents a wonderful new resource: South Asia and the South Asian diaspora in children’s literature: an annotated bibliography. Highly recommended. Pooja is the author of Mama’s Saris (Little Brown, 2006).

BEA report from Newbery author Linda Sue Park (next best thing to being there!).

Dear Diary: Random Thoughts from an Iowa Girl: a wonderful reader/writer LJ from a journalist-turned-YA writer, now studying at Vermont College. Can’t wait to meet her in July!

Do You Need A Literary Agent? And If So, How Do You Find One? by Simon Hayes from Margot Finke (click on “Midnight Oil”). See also another article by the same author from “Midnight Oil,” How To Self-Publish–Why, When, How?

While we’re talking agents, I should mention that I have related links on my site that may be helpful to those shopping for representation.