Cubanita by Gaby Triana

Cubanita by Gaby Triana (HarperCollins, 2005). Unlike Mami, Isa is no Cubanita. Of course she loves her family, but the U.S. is the only home she knows. What’s more, Isa has broken up with her boyfriend, is busy teaching kids art at a summer camp, and is not getting involved with any boy so as to leave for the University of Michigan with a clear head. But then she meets a man and Mami suddenly may need her more than ever. What’s this non-Cubanita to do? Funny, touching, sure to please. Ages 12-up.

More Thoughts on Cubanita

I read this book on the plane on the way to ALA. First off, my deepest thanks to the author from distracting me from the Mick Jagger-ish guy (sniffed a lot, disappeared to the washroom for an hour) sitting beside me. Yikes.

People are always talking about reader identification. I pulled this book from the pile to read next because I had gone to U of M, too.

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Cynsational Links

Jennifer Laughran (AKA literaticat (love that name)) reports on the cynsations LJ syndication that she has an inside scoop on the slanted Wall Street Journal article I referenced in my recent cynsations post, Defending YA Lit, and that she is “so writing a scathing letter to the editor.” Read her comments and her letter to the editor. What a great job she did! A big thanks to Jennifer for sharing her insights and speaking out!