Role Models; Chat With Gordon Korman

I’m big on role models.

I have the obvious ones of course: Wonder Woman, Batgirl/Oracle, Eartha Kitt, Rupert Giles, my great aunt Anne (to whom I dedicated Jingle Dancer).

But I also always have a couple in this writing life. I find it helps me to know there’s a specific real person out there. Author Nancy Werlin is my current “art/publishing” role model because of the consistent quality of her work and the professionalism with which she conducts herself. Author Laurie Halse Anderson is my “whole person” role model, also because of the consistent quality of her work/pro behavior, along with how happy she seems (from what I can bleam (blog+gleam) from her LJ).

Last night, I stopped by the chat with Gordon Korman, author of Son Of The Mob and No More Dead Dogs, hosted by Debby Garfinkle at the YA Authors Cafe. She asked him a myriad of questions about writing and about writing humor in particular. I’ll be sure to post a link to the chat transcript when it becomes available. If you’ve never been to one of these chats before, make the effort. They’re inspirational, informative, and a lot of fun!

Cynsational News & Links

Gordon Korman Teacher Resource File from the Internet School Library Media Center.

Why Couldn’t Snow White Have Been Chinese? Finding Identity Through Children’s Books by Grace Lin from

In response to my post yesterday on how Writers Must Read, Debbi Michiko Florence sent the URL to her 2005 reading list.

For those of you on LJ, illustrator Don Tate asked me about writing characters different from myself in response to my Fan Mail post. For those interested in writing crossculturally, crossorientation, crosswhatever, see the comments section (scroll to read).

Check out the recommendation for Vegan Virgin Valentine by Carolyn Mackler on Liz B’s blog, A Chair, A Fireplace, and A Tea Cozy (May 20 post).

Also you must read the 2005 winning entries for the Letters about Literature contest sponsored by the California Center for the Book. Selected books include: The Truth about Sparrows; The Secret Garden; The Tale of Desperaux; Ella Enchanted; Number The Stars; Because of Winn-Dixie; Holes; Bridge to Terabithia; and Dreamland. If I had written such a letter at that age, I would’ve chosen The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Spear.