Memorial Day

The Bug Cemetery by Frances Hill, illustrated by Vera Rosenberry (Henry Holt, 2002) is possibly the best cycle-of-life picture book for young readers, ages 4-up. Highly recommended.

Greg and I are still entertaining guests here. Today, we’re heading to Zilker Botanical Garden.

Cynsational Links

“If Things Look Bad, Don’t Fret. Take Action.” by Steve Young, guest columnist for the L.A. Daily News. Not about writing per se but rather weathering storms. See Steve’s blog.

“Rating Your Rejections (Or What The Heck Did That Editor Mean?)” by Linda Joy Singleton from author Verla Kay’s Web site. See Linda Joy’s blog.

notes: (1) Steve, Linda Joy, and Verla all are members of the childrens-writers list at; (2) Frances is married to Brian Yansky, YA author of My Road Trip To The Pretty Girl Capital of the World (Cricket Books, 2003). They live in Austin with a sweet dog named “Max” and a cranky kitty aptly named “Chaos.”