Author Sue Corbett

Just surfed over to Sue Corbett’s site, and I wanted to highlight her as an author to know. (She also reviews children’s books for the Miami Herald).

Sue’s debut novel, 12 Again (Dutton, 2002) is the story of mother Bernadette and son Patrick, who are separated when Bernadette becomes 12 again, leaving Patrick to help manage a bustling household. Via email exchanges and mutual efforts, they must work to bring her (the 40-year-old her) home. Infused with Irish lore and magic, 12 Again is the rare hip, funny, suspenseful, affecting, perfect middle grade novel. Ages 8-up. Highly recommended.

When you visit Sue’s site, be sure to sign the guest book to enter her monthly drawing for a free copy of 12 Again. Then peek in on Sue’s visit at William Lehman Elementary.

Things Sue and I have in common: Irish heritage; passion for great books; reporting; novel-writing; a dislike of people who drive too fast on residential streets; a desire to be Lois Lane. Plus, her favorite quote is attributed to one of my heroes. Learn more about her.

Cynsational News

Author Susan Taylor Brown ( is building an online database of lesson plans/activities for books.

If you are interested in her featuring a particular title and related lesson/activity, email her with the following information:

1. Your name;

2. Title of book(s);

3. Direct link to the guide/lesson (not just global Web site address);

4. Topics covered in book (one word topics only separated by commas; i.e., divorce, geography, dogs);

5. Type of book: picture book (PB), easy reader (ER), chapter book (CB), middle grade (MG), young adult (YA); poetry (P).

Notes: (1) it doesn’t matter if the curriculum materials were created by the author, illustrator, publisher, or some other source; (2) please feel free to forward this message.

Cynsational Links

Author Coleen Murtagh Paratore: new official site features biography, bibliography, photo gallery, and speaking events. Her titles include: How Prudence Proovit Proved The Truth About Fairy Tales and The Wedding Planner’s Daughter. Note: I was struck by Coleen’s mention that she went to the public library on Saturday mornings with her mama because I did, too.

The Imagination Library from the Dollywood Foundation. Note: I have loved Dolly since I heard her sing at the American Royal Rodeo in Kansas City on an elementary school field trip. I thought she looked like a fairy princess and sounded like an angel. In fact, “Rhinestone,” co-starring Sylvester Stallone (1984) is one of my favorite movies. Yes, really!

Twisted Tales & Windy Writings: Author Kathryn Lay’s Web site: official site from the author of Crown Me (Holiday House, 2004) and The Organized Writer Is A Selling Writer. She teaches an online class on writing for magazines and is the regional advisor for the NE/NC Texas Chapter of SCBWI.