Teen Titans #21

Fair warning: Did you read Greg’s “geeked out” post about Star Trek? That was nothing. Buckle up.

This week’s Teen Titans, #21, which is published by DC comics, shows that Cyborg has stocked Speedy’s new room at Titans Tower with books. She remarks that Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes and Speak (titles shown on spine, authors not mentioned) are among her favorites.

Mia, the new Speedy, has only recently taken on the helm of that hero, which was established by Green Arrow’s original sidekick Roy, who now goes by Arsenal (and is in The Outsiders with Nightwing, the original Robin). She used to live on the streets before she was taken in by GA and recently found out that she’s HIV positive (see Green Arrow #44). Those of you who read spookycyn may recall that Green Arrow #47 was my favorite comic last week.

Once again, Mia’s favorite books include Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes by Chris Crutcher (Greenwillow, 1993) and Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson (FSG, 1999). I’m not normally a fan of “product placement,” but I’m making an exception as it was a delight to see a young hero reading literary YA.

Note: although this is TT #21, that’s because it’s a reboot. TT is a well-established comic, which has a spinoff TV show on The Cartoon Channel (though the characters vary between the book and show. Cyborg, for example, is in both, but so far, Speedy isn’t).

Cynsational Links

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