Why Nerds Are Unpopular

“Why Nerds Are Unpopular” by Paul Graham (February 2003).

I found the link to that article on YA editor Sharyn November‘s Web site. She offers outreach to teen readers, mega lists of links, and some info on submissions. Also fabu are the numerous references to her personal interests. When you’re done, go to Firebird–a must-visit for fantasy and sci fi fans.

Sharyn herself–if you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse–has inspired many a descriptive passage. Her site doesn’t feature a photo; however, she is the very image of Artemis from Wonder Woman comics. They both have that whole Amazon warrior queen thing going on.

Other publishing people “separated at birth”: my husband and Dean Cain (with glasses) or Keanu Reeves (with facial expressions) or Leonard Nimoy (depending on how he’s wearing his hair and how happy I am with him at the time).

Go to spookycyn for my third example.

What I’m Reading/Studying Today: The Librarian of Basra: A True Story from Iraq by Jeanette Winter (Harcourt, 2005). A timely title emphasizing the importance of reading and determination. Emphasis on the power and potential of women, even under duress.