Movement at Simon & Schuster

Anne Schwartz is leaving Simon & Schuster for Random House, where she’ll have her own imprint. Suzanne Harper, S&S’s senior VP and hardcover publisher, also resigned. Harper joined S&S last July (she had been formerly with Disney Adventures Magazine). In addition, Emma Dryden has been promoted to S&S VP and the associate publisher of Atheneum Books.

Tech Notes: I’ve been mostly offline for the past couple of days because my computer was loaded down with spyware and adware. Awful stuff. Greg was able to clear off most of it using Ad-Aware, but then I couldn’t connect to the Internet. So I called Computer Nerdz. The sent Craig over, and he installed Spybot (and some other stuff, including the Microsoft patch to their anti-spyware thing). He suggested I run the programs weekly and that I switch to Mozilla-Firefox as my browser, which I did.