Authors Garfinkle, Butler

Meet D.L. Garfinkle, author of Storky (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, April 2005): “with its hilarious musings on life, love and other disasters, Storky– the complete journal of Michael ‘Storky’ Pomerantz’s freshman year of high school– is a riotous jouney into the mind of your average teenager. In no time, you’ll be rooting for Michael to lose the nickname and win the girl.” Totally cute, fun site from (awk!) another fellow recovering-lawyer-turned-writer. Includes useful information like “How Do I Get Published?” and a listing of her favorite serious and funny young adult books.

Then surf over to Amy Butler, author of Virginia Bound (Clarion, 2003): it “tells the story of a boy who is kidnapped from London in 1627 and sent to the Jamestown colony as an indentured servant. Suspenseful and fast-paced, it’s a book about trust, friendship, and survival in early America.” Read The Story Behind The Story from Amy Butler.