What If You Met A Pirate?

What If You Met A Pirate? A historical voyage of seafaring speculation by Jan Adkins (Roaring Brook, 2004). The word “pirate” evokes parrots, peg legs, daggers and swords, but that image is mere fiction. In a color illustrated, question-and-answer format, Adkins gives young readers the real scoop on such matters as “who got to be a pirate?” “What did a pirate ship look like?” “How did pirates attack?” The illustrations are detailed and clearly labeled with interesting side bars (do you know a cutlass from a boarding ax?) in an informative conversational style. Complete with index and glossary; beautifully produced. Highly recommended.

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From the flap copy, I learned that one of Adkins previous books, The Art and Industry of Sandcastles, was nominated for a National Book Award. He also has another title with Roaring Brook, Bridges: From My Side To Yours.

What If You Met A Pirate? is a tremendous non-fiction book, as engaging to strong readers as reluctant ones. It makes me want to write a pirate novel.

Visit Jan Adkins online and meet the “Explainer General” for yourself!