How Many Submitted Books Does CLSCLR Recommend?

A site visitor wrote asking me this question last night, and I did my version of a statistical analysis AKA guesstimate:

The answer is that CLSCLR recommends about ten percent of the books submitted for consideration. We do brief, positive recommendations. It’s not a traditional review source with a full analysis.

In addition, we do like many of the books passed over. However, one of my goals is to highlight quality midlisters, new voices, and voices from underrepresented communities. The latest title by, say, a three time Newbery winner doesn’t need the help like a promising first timer who wasn’t tapped for publisher push.

However, just because a title isn’t added to the site doesn’t mean that I won’t put it on a bibliography for a particular speaking event or emphasize it in a media interview.

Another site visitor asked: “what did you think of ‘Desperate Housewives’?”

It’s like “Melrose Place” in the suburbs. In fact, the main cast even includes “Melrose” alum Marcia Cross, who played Kimberly.

By the way, even though I’ve claimed to have sworn off lawyer/doctor shows, I also watched the premier of “Boston Legal,” which is like “L.A. Law” without the moral center. It stars James Spader (must be a robot; he doesn’t blink) and William Schatner (Greg has been a fan since the original “Star Trek” and I have since “Third Rock From The Sun”).

In sum: it’s a guilty pleasure night on ABC. Not sure how long I’ll keep watching, but so far, yikes!

Reminder the Texas Book Festival is the last weekend in October. Go hear the children’s and young adult authors!

Congratulations to the darling and talented Kelly Bennett! Kathi Appelt tells me that Kelly was admitted to the MFA program in writing for children and young adults at Vermont College!

Kelly’s next title will be Not Norman (Candlewick, spring 2005).