Knopf Delacorte Dell Fall 2004

Received the Knopf, Delacorte, Dell Young Readers Group Catalog today and found many titles to read, including:

The People Could Fly: The Picture Book by the late Virginia Hamilton, illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon; 0-375-82405-7; Tio Jose And The Singing Trees by first time author David Gonzales, illustrated by Stacey Schuett; 9-385-32744-7; A House of Tailors by Patricia Reilly Giff; 0-385-73066-7; Molly McGinty Has A Really Good Day by Gary Paulsen; 0-385-32588-6; Laugh Till You Cry by the late Joan Lowery Nixon; 0-385-73027-6; Bucking The Sarge by Christopher Paul Curtis; 0-385-32307-7; Snakecharm by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes; 0-385-73072-1; Finding Miracles by Julia Alvarez; 0-375-82760-9; Red Palms by Cara Haycak; 0-385-74648-2; To Establish Justice: Citizenship And The Constitution by Patricia McKissack and Arlene Zarembka; 0-679-89308-3; Orphea Proud by Sharon Dennis Wyeth; 0-385-32497-9.

For the fun of it: To the extent I can tell from the bios, of the children’s/YA book creators featured in the catalog:

29 live outside the U.S. (mostly the U.K., mostly England);

19 live in California or the NE United States (New England);

6 live anywhere else in the entire U.S. (a book by Texan Joan Lowery Nixon is featured in the catalog, but sadly, she has passed on);

6 are members of traditionally underrepresented ethnic groups in the children’s book creator community (all Latino or African American, including Newbery winner Christopher Paul Curtis and first-time author David Gonzales)(a book by Virginia Hamilton is featured in the catalog, but sadly, she has passed on).

3 are teenagers (Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Christopher Paolini, and Kelly McWilliams (who lives in Arizona)(all three pages make mention of their youth)).