Waving the Wheat

“Wave the wheat” is an expression used by Kansas Jayhawks to explain why we’re swinging our arms back and forth over our heads at sporting events.

In an effort to be a healthier person, I’ve switched to whole wheats and whole grains and brown rice, which really are my preference anyway but often a challenge to find at restaurants.

Today, for example, I tried to order the wheat linguini at The Olive Garden and was given white instead (even though wheat was on the menu). Then the most unsympathetic waiter argued with me that it was wheat (it wasn’t).

In any case, these are places in Austin where I’ve had some success in the matter:

Guerro’s on South Congress (whole wheat tortillas);

Katz’s (whole wheat bagels–yummy with lox and fat-free cream cheese);

Magnolia Cafe (brown rice, whole wheat tortillas, whole wheat bagels);

Maccaroni Grill (whole wheat pasta; now to be favored over The Olive Garden);*

PF Changs (brown rice);*

Suzi’s North (brown rice, but sporadically).

*national chains

But if you’re looking for the height of sugary goodness, go to Royer’s Round Top Cafe, guilt-free. It’s the pie place in Texas.

I know, I know… Stop obsessing and go read or write something. On it.

My lunch date was the goddess Dianna Hutts Aston, who’s latest, ON THE DAY YOU WERE BORN (Candlewick, 2004), illustrated by E.B. Lewis, snagged a PW star.

The book I’m reading right now is THE ORDER OF THE POISON OAK by Brent Hartinger (Harper, 2005)(a sequel to GEOGRAPHY CLUB). Pleased to see Min back as a major character.