Tired Eyes

Whew. Four hours straight of reading aloud Greg‘s next novel, TOFU AND T.REX (Little Brown, spring 2005) to check for any last minute copyedits. If you’re a writer, always make sure to read the entire manuscript aloud–periodically and definitely before sending in. We had four brains and pairs of eyes on it and needed all of them. Must now go rest tired eyes, but my, what a sight that sparkling manuscript was. Witty and tremendous in the whole. Wow.

P.S. TOFU AND T.REX will be a companion book to Greg’s first book, NINJAS, PIRANHAS, AND GALILEO (Little Brown, 2003); see:

Interview with Debut Children’s Book Author Greg Leitich Smith from Debbi Michiko Florence. Fall 2003.

Greg Leitich Smith Interview from Fall 2003.