Spidey, Ruth, Dale/Adam

Inspired by having seen “Spiderman 2” yesterday, I’m reading MARY JANE by Judith O’Brien, which is actually a hardcover, pretty entertaining YA (and I’m only at the end of the prologue). The book itself is supposedly inspired by “Ultimate Spiderman,” which is a really fantastic comic. (“Robin” and “Teen Titans” are also worth reading, especially for Stephanie/Spoiler and Cassie/Wonder Girl and Raven in general. Tim/Robin, too.)

If you’re interested in such things, be sure to check out: GETTING GRAPHIC! USING GRAPHIC NOVELS TO PROMOTE LITERACY WITH PRETEENS AND TEENS by Michele Gorman (Linworth, 2003). An information guide for librarians, teachers, and anyone who works with young people who want to learn more about graphic novels. For librarians and school library media specialists, this is a tool to help you develop, manage, and promote a collection of graphic novels in addition to the developing corresponding programs and special events. This book is designed to meet the needs of both school and public librarians who have little or no knowledge about graphic novels. Topics addressed in the book include a brief history of comic books and graphic novels, the value of graphic novels for developing readers, the role of graphic novels in public libraries, school libraries, and classrooms, issues and information relevantto collection development and bibliographic control of graphic novels,programming and promotion ideas, and core collections for middle school libraries, high school libraries, and public libraries serving youth populations. NOTE: Greg and I have eaten BBQ with the author and talked Green Lantern (and more!); she knows her stuff. See also Comic Books for Young Adults from Michael R. Lavin.

Lunch today with Ruth Pennebaker (CONDITIONS OF LOVE, Holt, 1999). Took poor Bashi to the vet for his allergy shot. I swear I’m qualified to be a vet tech at this point.

Just watched the Dale “the whale” episode of “Monk.” Episode 3, I think. Anyway, Dale is played by the same actor as Adam from “Northern Exposure” (my cousin Stacy owns a lamp from that show). Brilliant.

Note: Burt’s Bees Evening Primrose Overnight Creme seems highly effective at enlivening skin. Voice of Dr. Frankenstein: “She’s a-liiiiiiive.” Eh, ya know.