Lance, Goats, $, Blah

Lance won the Tour de France. Its funny, I remember in ’91 when I was studying EC Law and the French Law system in Paris, my friend Monique was obsessed with the race. I could not for the life of me figure out what was so exciting. Now, I know. It’s that local tie that makes all the difference.

I just talked to my quasi-lil-sis of childhood and forever. She adopted two goats, went to bed one night, and woke up to three goats. All goats, baby included, are doing just fine.

Am currently surfing funds for writers….

Just read a very blah 1980esque children’s book (this is not to say there weren’t amazing ’80s books; I’m not talking about those). Safe. No arc. No stakes. Or at least no rising stakes. We need to watch out for that. If it feels out-of-touch to this GenXer, I can’t imagine the PlayStation generation embracing. And no, a Grateful Dead reference wouldn’t help. And this is coming from me, dead-friendly. Or at least undead friendly.