Children's and YA Books With Contemporary Native Themes

For a variety of reasons, some people tend to think of Native American Indians only in the past tense. But, as the Lerner series (discussed here) declares, "We Are Still Here."

contemporary introduction

Indian Shoes by Cynthia Leitich SmithRecently, I've seen a slight growth in the number of children's and young adult books published that explore contemporary Native American Indian themes. However, the need for more persists.

I'm always reluctant to say something like that because sometimes publishers and writers rush to fill such needs, and the market floods with less than outstanding work.

To clarify: we need to open our hearts to excellent stories that reflect contemporary Native American Indian experiences, and I hope to see more of them published in the years to come.

A brief note on the terms "Native American," "American Indian" etc. I have spoken with members of the greater Indian community(ies) who have strong feelings in favor of certain language as well as with people who just don't care.

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