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Thinking about writing for children and/or teenagers? Here are the easy answers:

  1. Yes, it’s as hard as writing for adults.
  2. No, you probably won’t make a lot of money, even if you do sell a book.
  3. No, selling a first book is no guarantee of a second just like selling a second is no guarantee of selling a third and so on.

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Book Reviewer’s Slush Pile

By © Sue Corbett
Children’s Book Reviewer
Miami Herald/Knight-Ridder Tribune News Wire

Newspapers receive thousands of books a year — that’s in addition to the other thousands of press releases, story ideas, phone calls, news tips, etc., they receive — all vying for limited space in the feature section.

So to get newspaper attention,

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Writing for Children and Young Adults: Reading and Writing

Would you try to make a movie without watching some movies? Lots of them? Thousands?

Books have to accomplish much of what a blockbuster movie does. They have to capture the same audience.

Meanwhile, the big-budget movie maker has millions of dollars and a promotional budget, actors, special effects, sound effects, musical scores, etc. We have some carefully arranged lines and curves on paper. 

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