Writer Reading List: Fictional Authors

Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly ClearyDEAR MR. HENSHAW by Beverly Cleary (Morrow, 1983). While writing to his favorite children’s book author, Leigh deals with his parents’ divorce and being the new kid at school. Ages 8-up.

KISSING BRENDAN CALLAHAN by Susan Amessé (Roaring Brook, 2005). Sarah wants to be a writer. She wants to enter a local writing contest, judged by her idol–romance writer Antonia DeMarco, and she wants to win first place. Unfortunately, her just-the-facts mom says she’s ineligible to enter and has a less-than-stellar opinion about Antonia herself. But Sarah has a solution, a pen name, and an offer to act as Antonia’s assistant. What’s more, she has inspiration in a certain Brendan Callahan. A comedic story of a young girl with a dream. Ages 10-up. More on this title from Cynsations.

WHAT DO AUTHORS DO? by Eileen Christelow (Clarion, 1995). In this story, the children’s author-illustrator is inspired by her cat, Max. Ages 5-up.