FAQs: research help

What if I just have a research question about Native culture(s)?

Check out our Teacher and Librarian Resources related to Native American children's books, which includes a number of links to Native culture sites and suggested resource books.

Would you help me identify a book I remember from childhood? I recall a few cryptic details....

Sorry! I'm not good at that particular game. However, you might want to try asking on a children's literature list serv or surfing to one of the featured links on my Childhood Favorites page.

Could you help me with a lesson plan?

Yes! Please see the teachers guides.

Lesson plans for Greg Leitich Smith's books are available on his Web site.

If you are interested in help with other trade books in the classroom, please do still feel free to write. I frequently help teachers and librarians identify titles related to various topics and for various age levels. Just tell me all you can about what you're looking for, and I'll do my best.