Why this Site is Here

When I first decided to quit my full-time law job to begin writing for children, my commitment extended far beyond my own work.

Of course I would offer my heartfelt best to my stories, but I also wanted to share my enthusiasm for quality literary trade books—big picture!

good books matter

My passion for reading was born young, on Saturday morning visits to the library with my mother. I began as a picture book reader, and I still am one today, though my reading choices have expanded to include books written for older audiences.

Looking back, I can see that it was books that so often offered me questions and answers, comfort and inspiration, challenges and laughter.

I fell in love with books, and the best thing to do with love is to share it.

Check out some of my favorite picture books, early reader chapter books, middle grade and young adult novels or anthologies. Or focus on particular genres like fantasy and science fiction or dark fantasy and suspense.

See what I've found in some topic areas like adoption, cats, or grandparent books.

Take advantage of my breadth of knowledge about multicultural titles, especially with regard to Native American (contemporary, historical, highlighting Native authors/illustrators), Asian American (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, interracial family themes.

Peek at childhood favorites or start writing a book of your own.

My emphasis is on literary trade titles, especially single titles, although I do occasionally nod to good series and even the rare mass market effort. I didn't make an effort to include award winners or huge-name authors, but some of them may have slipped in—most of them before they won that career-making award.

I also didn't make an effort to feature only new titles, but many front list books will always be featured. Right behind the desk, I have another stack of books to be added, so check back often.

Cyn note: please see the complete list of bibliographies for the latest updates.

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