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Picture Books

A BOY CALLED SLOW by Joseph Bruchac (Abenaki), illustrated by Rocco Baviera (Dial, 1995). A look at the boyhood of a young Lakota who grows into Sitting Bull. Ages 4-up.

Crazy Horse's VisionCRAZY HORSE'S VISION by Joseph Bruchac (Abenaki), illustrated by S.D. Nelson (Lakota)(Lee & Low, 2000). Bruchac brings his poetic style to this story of young Curly, who would grow into the Lakota hero Crazy Horse. Nelson's illustrations are influenced by the traditional ledger style of his ancestors, and they are powerful. Ages 4-up. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

CROSSING BOK CHITTO: A CHOCTAW TALE OF FRIENDSHIP AND FREEDOM by Tim Tingle (Choctaw), illustrated by Jeanne Rorex Bridges (Cherokee)(Cinco Puntos, 2006). Chronicles the important relationship between citizens of Choctaw Nation and those people held in slavery in Mississippi prior to the U.S. Civil War and the Trail of Tears. An evocative story, wonderfully told and gorgeously illustrated. End material includes "Choctaws Today: Two Prosperous Nations, One Strong People" and "A Note on Choctaw Storytelling." Ages 9-up.

THE LONG MARCH: THE CHOCTAW'S GIFT TO IRISH FAMINE RELIEF written and illustrated by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick with Choctaw editing and foreword by Gary WhiteDeer (Choctaw), Director, Keepers of the Treasures; Executive Director, American Branch of Celts & American Indians Together (Tricycle, 1999). This is a retelling of the true story of how in 1947 the Choctaw people collected $170 (equal in today's money to about $5,000) from their then scarce resources to send toward alleviating the Irish Potato Famine. Includes Choctaw language and symbols. Ages 5-up.

THE MUD PONY retold by Caron Lee Cohen and illustrated by Shonto Begay (Navajo)(Paper, Scholastic, 1992). In this retelling of a Pawnee traditional story, Mother Earth brings to life from herself a pony made of mud. Ages 5-up.

TALLCHIEF: AMERICA'S PRIMA BALLERINA by Maria Tallchief (Osage) with Rosemary Wells, illustrated by Gary Kelly (Viking, 1999). This picture book autobiography looks at the early life of America's most outstanding ballet dancer. Ages 5-up.


PUSHING UP THE SKY: SEVEN NATIVE AMERICAN PLAYS FOR CHILDREN by Joseph Bruchac (Abenaki), illustrated by Teresa Flavin (Dial, 2000). A collection of seven short plays for children based on traditional stories of the Abenaki, Algonquin and Ojibway, Cherokee, Cheyenne and Lakota, Cree, and Zuni (among others). This rare colleciton is a must-have for everyone who just cannot sit through "Hiawatha" one more time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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GROWING UP NATIVE AMERICAN: STORIES OF OPPRESSION AND SURVIVAL, OF HERITAGE DENIED AND RECLAIMED ' 22 AMERICAN WRITERS RECALL CHILDHOOD IN THEIR NATIVE LAND edited and with an introduction by Patricia Riley (Cherokee), foreword by Ines Hernandez (Nimipu/Mexican Indian)(Avon, 1995). An amazing array of stories by some of the most talented voices in Native American literature. Ages 12-up.