Children's Books With Historical Native American Themes


Invite Cynthia to Speak at your school or libraryWhile I'm hopeful that you'll find and read one of the books on these pages, I have to confess that I'm not as much a reader of historical fiction as I am of contemporary fiction. Therefore, this page lists mostly better-known works.

Please also note that as a children's author, I frequently visit school and public libraries across the United States.

One of my greatest concerns is the lack of (a) contemporary stories about Native people available to young readers as well as (b) the under-representation of books by Native authors and illustrators.

Of course historical books are important, and of course many of the finest authors and illustrators are non-Indians. However, contemporary stories show the breadth and depth of Native America today, and Native voices and visions offer authentic insights into Native life and culture.

Take a look at your Native American books collection at your public and school libraries. Peruse the titles on your own children's shelves. See what you can do to add contemporary Native books and books by Native people to round out the collections.

A brief note on the terms "Native American," "American Indian" etc. I have spoken with members of the greater Indian community(ies) who have strong feelings in favor of certain language as well as with people who just don't care.

Because the purpose of this web site is to offer information to a wide audience, both internal and external, about related children's books, we are currently employing both. This way folks looking under one or the other will still find this site.