Writers Links:

Aaron Shepard's Young Authors Page: Writing and Publishing as a Kid from author Aaron Shepard's Web site.

Anastasia Suen offers online classes on a variety of topics, including picture book writing, easy reader writing, writing for the educational market, and children's writer book blogs.

Anatomy of a Writer's Group by Allison Whittenberg at Crowe's Nest. Peek: "If you are thinking of creating your own writers group, here are some guidelines..."

Barbara Seuling’s Manuscript Workshop: intimate, in-home workshop hosted by the author of more than 50 books and former children’s book editor.

Book, Magazine, Organization and Web Resources from The Purple Crayon (for when you need to keep reading, keep learning).

Children’s Authors’ Boot Camp: hosted by Linda Arms White and Laura Backes.

Children's Writing Resource Center presented by Children's Book Insider, The Newsletter for Children's Writers. Both site and sponsoring newsletter are recommended, especially to beginners.

Dean Cathie Mercier on the Simmons MFA program in Writing for Children,

Director Meg Kearney on the Solstice Creative Writing Programs of Pine Manor College.

Frequently Asked Questions from the Children's Book Guild of Washington, DC includes advice for beginning writers and illustrators.

Frequently Asked Questions about Children's Writing by Anne LeMieux, David Lubar, and Marilyn Singer for the AOL Children's Writers Chat from Writing-World.com.

Highlights Foundation: workshops for children’s writers and illustrators, hosted by the people behind Boyds Mills Press and Highlights magazine. CYN NOTE: I’ve known past participants and faculty members—all raved.

Institute of Children's Literature: don't be put off by the aggressive marketing and the fact that this is a correspondence course. The program offers first-rate instructors.

Interview: Kent Brown on the Highlights Foundation, the Writers Workshop at Chautauqua, and the Founders Workshops from Cynsations.

Kindling Words: a conference for those of us who aren't beginners (gasp!). Real talk about acceptance speeches, money, marketing and more.

Mentoring: The Writer You Guide Might Be the Future by Tara Yellen at BookSquare. "He instructed us to spend as little energy as possible on the classes that we taught. He told us to keep time with our students to an absolute minimum. 'Teaching, critiquing, working with them. It’ll suck out your writing soul,' he said."

Professional Critiques: published authors offering for-a-fee critiques of children's/YA manuscripts, from CYALR.

The Purple Crayon: A Children's Book Editor's Site from freelance editor Harold Underdown. The ultimate children's writers and illustrators site. Teaches most of what you what to know starting out and then offers to quiz you about it. Articles on variety of subjects appeal to more established writers. Includes information about writing, promotion, publishing and more. Especially see: The How Do I Get Published? Quiz.


Smart Writers: "for everyone who reads, writes, or teaches literature for kids."

Writers Workshop at Chautauqua from the Highlights Foundation. Never been but folks seem to rave about this one.

The Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults program now offers a one-semester graduate-level picture book certificate program. This program is currently only available to graduates of the three MFA programs at the Vermont College of Fine Arts; however, for the fall 2008 semester, the program will be opened to graduates of other master's programs and to individuals without an advanced degree on a case-by-case basis. Note: "The picture book certificate program is modeled after a regular MFA-WC&YA semester with a few additional components."

Interview: Department Chair Kathi Appelt on the Vermont College/Union Institute & University Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults.

Interview: Sharon Darrow on the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults and Picture Book Certificate Program. Peek: “We have the entire range from a very few who are just beginning to those who have published many books. Most, however, fall into the category of writers who have studied for some time and who are prepared for the intensive process this program entails. Some have published perhaps one book, others none yet. But all are serious about this field and their place in it.”

Young Adult and Children’s Literature Section of Hunger Mountain from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Dean Mary Rockcastle on the Hamline University Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults.

Rutgers One-on-One: "A Unique Program for Authors and Illustrators of Children's Books Sponsored by the Rutgers University Council on Children's Literature."

Teaching Authors: Six Children's Authors Who Also Teach Writing (April Halprin Wayland; Carmela Martino; Esther Hershenhorn; Jeanne Marie Grunwell Ford; JoAnn Early Macken; Mary Ann Rodman). Peek: "Here, we will share our unique perspective as writing teachers who are also working writers. While part of our goal is to discuss what we've learned about writing and the teaching of writing, we also hope to accomplish something here that we can't do on our websites: facilitate conversations between writers, teachers, and librarians about the subjects we love best--writing, teaching writing, and reading."

Teaching YA Fiction in the Writing Workshop by Jacqueline Kolosov from Crowe's Next. Peek: "YA literature is all about exploration, and it has to be messy: visceral: emotionally true. And the protagonist has to be someone the reader can get behind."

Uma Krishnaswami Interviews Mark Dahlby of Writers.com/Writers on the Net from Cynsations.

Writing Retreats by Mary Atkinson from Crowe's Nest. Peek: "Settling in is a necessary part of going on retreat. It might take you an hour; it might take you three days. Either way, it's got to be done. One of the fastest ways I've found to settle in to a new retreat space is to unpack my suitcase and then take a nap."

CYN note: The following institutions offer MFA degrees in writing for children and/or young adults: Chatham College; Hamline; Hollins; Lesley University; Seton Hill; Simmons College; Spaulding University; Vermont College of Fine Arts; Western Connecticut State University.

Cyn Note: Based on my personal experiences with critiques by Uma Krishnaswami, her online class (see link) is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.