Print Reviews of ETERNAL

ETERNAL further enhances Cynthia Leitich Smith’s reputation as a foremost author of dark fantasy.

"The confessional style, alternating between Miranda and Zachary's points of view, is intriguing as a diary—readers should be hooked by this fully formed world, up through the action-packed finale."

— Publishers Weekly

"…witty, dark love story of death and redemption…Miranda and Zachary are complex, sympathetic characters, and their hopeful ending is well earned."


"Suspenseful, entertaining, and enthusiastically gruesome, Smith's latest will be lapped up by vampire fans."

Notes from the Hornbook

"The offer of redemption sets this tale apart from others that feed upon the current fascination with vampires and the occult that possesses preteens and teens." Note: at at time when review columns are being trimmed, it's so wonderful to see such thoughtful coverage devoted to YA literature in a daily newspaper.

The San Antonio Express-News

"Smith has built on centuries of vampire lore to create a spooky, snarky, supernatural world all her own."


"The ending to the love story (because it does become one, though a twisted one) is moving and hopeful in a way you don't expect."

—The Dallas Morning News

“The pace of this entertaining romp is quick and the action plentiful.”

—Kirkus Reviews

"…suspenseful and entertaining story… This thirsty reader awaits a refill."

The Horn Book Magazine