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What the blogosphere is saying about the second novel of Cynthia's delicious dark fantasy trilogy.

"The climax was really fun to read and had me on the edge of my seat and turning pages as quickly as I could to see what happened next."

Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith:
a review from Book Chic.

Peek: "Oh my Lord, I loved it. I am about to spoil the heck out of this book, so if you absolutely cannot stand knowing anything about a book turn away, and if you want to be spoiled a little bit but don't want to know the end, I will white that out so you can risk it."

Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith: a recommendation
from Karen Healey's LiveJournal
AKA Attention Rebellious Jezebels.

“Why is multicultural literature important to you? Why do you think it’s important for the teens who read your books?”

“My world is multicolorful—diverse in terms of ethnicity, race, orientation, faith. My books should be too. Teens like to see vibrant, fascinating characters of varying backgrounds and hues. Of late, a teen wrote me:

“Nice to see an Asian girl pick up a battle-axe!”

We couldn’t have said it better.

Cynthia Leitich Smith
on living in a multicultural world

from Tu Publishing.

[Wondering how the cover for Eternal would look]: "The irony? That the author writing this nonlinear series from multiple points of view and in both prose and graphic-novel formats would expect the design team to hem themselves in.

"They went with a symbolic cover instead, juxtaposing Zachary's luminescent white wing against a dark background, showing heaven's light at the top and then becoming more shadowy as the eye descends to the Gothic, devilish red lettering that represents Miranda."

Cover Story for Eternal from Melissa Walker’s blog.

HWM: What made you venture into Gothic fantasy?

Cynthia Leitich Smith: I’m spooky by nature. Scary stories have appealed to me since junior high, and I was writing the kind of books I love to read.

Writing the True With Cynthia Leitich Smith
from HipWriterMama

"This book will stay with me for close to eternity I'm sure! It was funny, sweet and thought-provoking in a very subtle way. Oh and I now officially love vampires. I understand the craze, because even though vampires are evil in ETERNAL, there is just something about them that draws you in."

Halloween Review: Eternal by Miss Attitude from Reading in Color.

"This novel is definitely a page-turner. It is filled with danger, deception, humor, love, sadness, and hope."

TeensReadToo (5 Stars!)

"With a cast of vibrant and contemporary characters, Eternal is a must-read. Smith employs the perfect combination of wit and sincerity, making for an enthralling tale..."

Teens' Top Ten Nominees: Eternal: a review by Tara Olivero, Allen County Public Library Teen Advisory Board from YALSA Blog.

"The ending brought a tear to my eye—total selfless love is a wonderful thing."

Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith
posted by Mrs. Johnson from Pettus Secondary Library Blog.


"His name is Zachary and let's just say that he is a character that girls everywhere would want to live out eternity with... There's danger, romance, and a high dosage of really good writing."

Once Upon A Romance's Review Of...
Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith
from Amy.

"A true page-turner, I can't imagine any fan of Gothic suspense/romance not thoroughly enjoying this—and not just YA readers either."

—Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith:
a review from Kimberly J. Smith at Cool Kids Read.

"Regardless of your religious views, it's hard not to believe in angels after you read this novel."

—Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith:
a recommendation by Teen Reviewer Iulia G., age 17,
from Teen Books (and beyond!) blog from the Palatine Public Library.

“Love the attitude of the guardian angel (GA for short). So go out and buy this book."

P.J. Hoover, author of THE EMERALD TABLET

"…the best kind of sequel--the kind that's even better than the first book... If you never thought guardian angels could be awesome, we have something in common: We were wrong. Dark, witty, fabulous. Read this now."

—Gwenda Bond, Shaken & Stirred

"The whole vampire/guardian angel concept was interesting... I loved how she left us with a glimmer of hope at the end that left me begging. I want the third novel now! I can't wait to see what this author will come out with next."

{Insert Book Title Here} YA Book Blog

"Heaven appears to be a stuffy bureaucratic organization (a memo from the angel Gabriel to another angel, including a request to fill out forms, is very amusing), while the vampire world is reminiscent of excruciatingly polite high-society on the surface, with goth decadence and callus displays of cruelty underneath. That alone make this book worth reading, but Zachary and Miranda, the boy and girl in question, are also intriguing characters throughout."

The Cool Cafe @ The Englewood (Colorado) Public Library

“Like TANTALIZE, ETERNAL is darkly entertaining and great fun.”

BookLoons Reviews

“Eternal is a definite page-turner with vampires, angels, werebeasts, romance, intrigue, double-crossing, action, and suspense. Just read it already!”

(5/5 for Quality and 4/5 for Popularity)
Boy With Books

"Set in Texas and Chicago, the fast paced narrative about the forces of good vs. evil is populated not only with vampires and angels, but werebeasts and shapeshifters, and of course, it is liberally spiced with glamour, smoldering passion, and Smith's diabolical wit."

jama rattigan's alphabet soup

"Eternal plays skillfully with questions of life and death, fall and redemption, and what it means to save and be saved."

Omnivoracious: Hungry for the Next Good Book

"I loved TANTALIZE. I adore ETERNAL! Talk about upping the stakes. It's such a good book."

—Meredith Wood, Ever Higher She Climbs

"Readers who become hooked on Tantalize will be happy to learn that a second book is underway — Eternal [Candlewick, Feb, 2009]. It can't show up in bookstores soon enough."

—Reading Junky

"Smith weaves lore from Draculian legend and story along with some other familiar cultural and literary references. Astute readers will delight in finding references to James Howe's Bunnicula [1979] and others ranging from Johnny Cash to Joss Whedon and C. S. Lewis..."

The Goddess of YA Literature
(AKA Dr. Teri Lesesne)

“ETERNAL was a fast and enjoyable read.  The pages fly by and getting to the end comes too soon.  The third book in this series is called BLESSED and the characters from both TANTALIZE and ETERNAL will cross over and I for one can’t wait to see what happens when they meet.”

Karin’s Book Nook